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Moving towards true fluency, my current goals.

I'm a teacher in the New York City area. The more Spanish I know, the more valuable I am to my district. I want to raise my Spanish level. I want to share how Duolingo fits into that plan.

Duolingo gave me my start in serious Spanish learning. I had tried to learn a few times before, but lost motivation. I started here almost four years ago. I reached level 23, did the reverse tree, reset both trees and started over. I've often taken two months off here or there to dabble in other languages.

My New Years resolution was to get more serious about Spanish and reach a basic conversational level. I took two college Spanish classes to reinforce my grammar and vocabulary. I also started using Lingbe and I've had more than 50 conversations, each a little better than the last.

I'm guessing I'm around Intermediate Low in conversations right now. My goal is to be reach Intermediate Mid by the end of the school year. I'm speaking more confidently now, but I need to improve my listening. I was almost done regilding my tree when I got my crowns. The whole tree has given me as much as I could at this point, so I'm looking to the stories.

I'm going to do one story each day, followed by a conversation on Lingbe. Each Saturday I'm going to read an article or two in my local Spanish newspaper (to provide topics to discuss).


April 20, 2018



Sounds like a great plan. I hope that you'll let us know how it goes and whether you changed your plan. Thanks for sharing!


I am moving towards true fluency as well. Currently I have finished my Spanish tree and am using conversation and the "Puzzle Strategy" to help me with immersion.


I think those are great plans for improving but since they are reading tasks and you said you need to improve your listening I'd add some listening to the daily list. I like the personal finance podcast El show de Andres Gutierrez (but there are plenty of other Spanish podcasts if you aren't into personal finance). Also I heard some advice about improving listening on a podcast by Olly Richards called I will teach you a language. He suggested you shouldn't use slower media (like news in slow Spanish) when you're trying to learn to understand normal speed Spanish. I can't remember the reasoning but I stopped using the turtle button on duo and I feel like it's helped.


Thank you! I was actually using the stories for the audio only. I look away from the screen and try not to read. It's been working well. I also watch the local news in Spanish.


Google "notes in Spanish". The podcasts are interesting, progressive and the quality is excellent.


Thank you for the tip!

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