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"Ils ont un robot de cuisine génial."

Translation:They have a great food processor.

April 20, 2018



This really made me laugh. I had visions of a robot wearing one of those tall white hats and a pinny, marching around the kitchen chopping everything in sight. I will definitely remember learning 'food processor'. Heheh.

[deactivated user]

    I haven't done this skill, but robot de cuisine is the French term for "food processor" or "food mixer". As translations go, "kitchen robot" seems far too literal to me. I'm curious why Duolingo went with that.


    Yes, it is a food processor. Hints are updated to reflect that.


    Also called a 'food mixer' in at least UK English. Perhaps add please?


    A food mixer in US English refers to a kitchen device that mixes, whips, and blends food, usually in a mixing bowl. (A KitchenAid, for example) A food processor, on the other hand, has blades that chop, dice, and shred foods. Is it different in the UK?


    Actually you are nearly right. A food mixer is specifically the KitchenAid type thing, whereas a food processor is often the more general thing but can also refer to the mixer... (I think!).

    However if I understand right, that doesn't change the fact that the French 'robot de cuisine' can refer to either.

    My quick checking suggests that:
    Robot de cuisine = kitchen aids including food processors and food mixers...

    ...of which there are (at least) two types:
    Robot pâtissier = food mixer
    Robot multifonction = food processor


    You are right. I've added both kitchen mixer and food mixer. Thanks!


    They have a brilliant robot for cooking was my answer haha


    Years ago I had a very nice food processor that said ROBOT on the side. Now I get it.


    I've covered it in a lower level comment but thought it might be useful. My quick checking suggests that:

    Robot de cuisine = kitchen aid/device including food processors AND food mixers...

    ...of which there are (at least) two types:
    Robot pâtissier = food mixer (ie. mixing dough/pastry etc)
    Robot multifonction = food processor (chopping, mixing etc etc)

    [deactivated user]

      you know....a food processor is pretty far from being a robot.


      No, it's that your definition of a robot is perhaps very specifically a humanoid thing...
      ...whereas (and it's based on a Czech word originally) it just means a machine or mechanical aid that can do tasks automatically. In this case mixing or processing/chopping. It doesn't have to be humanoid.


      Actually, I believe that Robot was the name of the French company (Robot-Coupe) that made a very early food processor.


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