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  5. "Es ist ein Mädchen."

"Es ist ein Mädchen."

Translation:It is a girl.

March 23, 2013

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[deactivated user]

    "Es ist ein Mädchen" does not actually mean "She is a girl".

    • Es ist ein Mädchen = It's a girl (as in "Who's at the door? - It's a girl." or "Is it a boy or a girl? - It's a girl.")

    • Sie ist ein Mädchen = She's a girl (e.g. as opposed to a grown woman)


    "This is a girl" should work too.


    It would have been, ''Das ist ein Mädchen.'' in that case.


    Why is it "ein" not "eine"; I thought eine is for feminine nouns?


    Jordan D. Ulmer

    [deactivated user]

      Etymologically, "das Mädchen" is the diminutive of "die Magd/Maid" (cognate of the English word "maid" / "maiden"), which is no longer/rarely used in modern German. All diminutives ending in -chen are neuter: der Hund -> das Hündchen, die Katze -> das Kätzchen, das Haus -> das Häuschen


      Why is it "ein Mädchen" not "einen Mädchen"? (Nominative vs Accusative ---- subject vs direct object)

      [deactivated user]

        This is a predicate nominative. "es" and "ein Mädchen" refer to the same person. There's no object.




        Also, Mädchen is neuter. Einen is the indefinite article of an accusative masculine noun.

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