"Un tel paysage mérite une photo."

Translation:Such a landscape deserves a photo.

April 20, 2018

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I think this is one of the new questions, because it suggests "such a scenery deserves a photo" to me as the translation, which isn't even proper English. (It should be "such scenery", though I prefer "such a view".)


I too was judged incorrect for failing to write, "Such a scenery deserves a photo." This despite the fact that nobody anywhere speaks of "a scenery," as far as I can tell.


'a' scenery as given me is wrong


I thought the same as all the other commenters, but if I replace "scenery" with "landscape", it works.


I entered "Such scenery ..." and was corrected to "Such a landscape ...". Given the French language's proclivity for articles, I'd have thought either would work, but perhaps not? And as others have noted, English would not use the article with "scenery". I'll try reporting my response and see what happens. 5 March 2019


'Such a scenery is worth a photo'. given as a correction to me is wrong. The a before scenery is redundant


I wrote "Such scenery merits a photo", Duo said it needs to be "Such A scenery merits a photo." That doesn't sound right.


The "a " before scenery is definitely wrong


For interest's sake 'countryside' does not work


"A landscape like that. . ." seems to me the natural way to express this idea in English. "Such" ("tel") is apparently commonly used in French, but at least in American English, it's only found in pompous legal documents and some idioms ("Such a bargain!" in the voice of my Yiddish grandmother. . . .).


I had written, "A landscape like this deserves a photo." I hope the moderator can explain why that would be incorrect.

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    Why not "such a view"?


    Est-il possible de utiliser "comme" au lieu de "tel" ici?

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