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"Der Hund frisst zwischen den Katzen."

Translation:The dog eats between the cats.

April 20, 2018



So die Katzen is den here because zwischen is one of those preps that makes dative if in a location but accusative if moving to a location?


"The dog eats with the cats" wasn't accepted, even though "with" was an option/hint for zwischen. Please can someone explain, or should this have been accepted? Danke schön~


What does this mean? That the dog eats food placed between two cats?


Why is "the dog is eating between the cats" incorrect? 'is eating', and 'eats' are both present tense so im confused


"The dog eats among the cats", was accepted


The THREE prompts above the word zwischen in the lesson are "between", "among" and "with" The dog eats with the cats SHOULD be accepted.


Are "zwischen" and "unter" inter-changeable?


No, they are not interchangeable.

Examples: Der Hund ist unter dem Tisch. (The dog is under the table.) Deine Schlüssel liegen zwischen dem Buch und der Zeitung. (Your keys lie between the book and the newspaper.)


There is also an 'unter' that means 'between, among'.

'Der Hund frisst unter den Katzen.'

This would not mean cat|dog|cat, but rather that there is also a dog eating in a group of cats. Doesn't sound natural to me though. Better: 'Der Hund frisst zusammen mit den Katzen.' ('together with').

But: 'Unter den Katzen befindet sich ein Hund.' 'There is a dog among the cats.'


Ach ja. Das "unter". : )) ...Richtig.

Ist meiner Meinung nach aber ebenfalls nicht austauschbar, zumindest nicht generell. ...Und "Der Hund frißt unter den Katzen." würde mir auch "Bauchschmerzen bereiten". ;-)


Mein erster Gedanke war "der Hund frisst die Katzen???"


The dog is eating in between the cats wasn't accepted. What's the difference?

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