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Suggestion: Let the translators indicate preference of topic

I like the way Duolingo puts websites to translate into categories (science, entertainment, gossip, fashion etc.). How about introducing simple section in settings to indicate topics the particular learner is most interested in translating. Simple checkboxes will do?

It might also be part of the registration process.

Making this option visible in the public profile will also be nice (to see hobbies or interests of the user).

What do you think?

July 4, 2012



My idea was not to translate only the topic you desire, but indicate your preference.

In other words - Duolingo should create a reasonable mix between what needs to be translated and articles the user is interested in working with.

And if this was implemented as part of Duolingo in the past, I belive there was a reason to remove it. Perhaps everybody really focused on few topics and everything else reminded ignored...


It would also be cool if the site could learn your topic preference over time based on which types of translation pages you choose....


Yes please, I don't really care about soccer, but it seems like that's all that's ever available for translation.

Give me History. News. Politics. Science.


Four weeks ago, Luis said that this feature would be implemented "next week" (http://duolingo.com/#/comment/15422). Evidently, it's been delayed -- unless I'm missing something. On the other thread, I asked if there were any updates. So y'all might want to follow that one too.


I whole-heartedly agree with this suggestion. I'm so tired of lame topics like fashion, sports, luxury, cars, gadgets, food, etc. I've found a few topics that do interest me by checking random profiles.


I remember that there was a time that we could choose what we wanted to but they took it away. I guess that a lot of people were doing only certain topics and other topics were being ignored.


Topics available do not seem to cover a broad spectrum. I'm offered sports, fashion, luxury, food constantly but have never been offered science, art, literature, culture, history, etc. I've translated some web pages that interest me because I find them once in awhile in other people's translations. I would like to be able to set my own preferences but would be content if a more comprehensive selection of web pages were presented instead of the limited set I see now.


Agreed. Some topics are really droll.

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