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"Yo creo que el baño es muy pequeño."

Translation:I think that the bathroom is very small.

April 21, 2018



DuoLingo. Yo creo means I believe. Stop saying that it doesn't. Grrr.


Yo creo podria traducirse como " I belive" por ejemplo: 'yo creo en dios', pero tambien puede ser "yo pienso" que seria el ejemplo de esta frase.


When did it say that


I too always translate "creer" as "to believe," but can understand why some translate it as "to think" as that is more common in English. But I share your frustration.


Creer = believe, (to) believe, (to) think See Crear = (to) create, create, thoughts; Creer = believe, (to) believe, (to) think AND Pensar = (to) think, think Pienso = (I) think, (I) am thinking, plan


In English you can drop "that" from the sentence and it still mean the same.. can you drop "que" from the Spanish or is it necessary?


my understanding is the "que" is necessary. Creo que v.s no Creo que verbs that are use to express opinions are either in the indicative or subjunctive mood. Creo que = positive No Creo que = negative There are several verbs similar to Creer which are used to express opinions: Pensar que Parecer que Saber que Considerar que hope this helps!


Que in this exercise is a conjunction. Yes, "that" may be dropped or used in English, but in Spanish, where que is used as a conjunction, it should be used to be grammatically correct.


Is it just me, or the female voice sings this sentece?


Two different things.


How come it is que instead of eso


Eso is a pronoun. Eso es lo que vi - That is what I saw. Que is a conjunction that introduces the subordinate clause.


I think i got it right but it's saying i got it wrong


yes, creo que sí (I think so, I believe so)


It said that i used the wrong word when i used the exact same words!!!\

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