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"Is his dad Chinese?"


April 21, 2018



Awesome! I chose the wrong ma! There is a difference between 吗 (used for a question) and 妈 (used for your mom). This makes me pay closer attention! I love that detail!


Thank you, could not find the mistake before .. lol


Then you will love this question: 妈妈骂马吗?(Māmā mà mǎ ma?) = Does mom scold the horse?


Thanks for pointing it out!


So did I!! I like this because I think it will help me to not make the same mistake again, haha


Ridiculous. I have Exact Same answer as the answer that was given. Has happened a few times.

doesn't see Dr as same Doctor. Frustrating


Check again. You all probably used the wrong "ma" character, which looks very similar but is wrong.


Ridiculous, compared my Chinese answer to theirs, it wa exactly the same. I used the word bank. I had 他的爸爸是中国人吗。 which was the same as their answer.


I answered "他的爸爸是华人吗?" and got it wrong. I think it should not be wrong. I think the word "Chinese" can mean two things. It can mean China's people (中国人) or just Chinese people in general (华人). Correct me if I'm wrong, thanks!

我回答了 “他的爸爸是华人吗?”,可是是错的。我觉得 “Chinese” 这个字可以代表中国人和/或华人。如果我说错的话,请指导我,谢谢!


There is an error in the app please fix it


I gave the answer "他爸爸是中国人吗" and it said it was wrong but

in the grammar section it says "for people that you have a close relationship with (e.g. family), and for institutions and organization you are involved with (e.g. work, school), you can choose to leave out the 的".

The grammar gives the example "她哥哥很高兴", that is we don't have to say "她的哥哥很高兴“。

Why is my answer "他爸爸” marked as wrong?

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