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  5. "tagha' maSopchoH."

"tagha' maSopchoH."

Translation:We finally started eating.

April 21, 2018



Is the future tense not allowed with -choH? "Finally, we will start to eat" was not accepted.


Future variations have been added and should be marked correct after the system updates in the next day or two.


There seems to be typo in tagHa' (the H is in lower case).

Also a problem in the sentence tagHa' QongchoH ghu.


No typo -- tagha' is t - a - gh - a - '.

There is no Klingon letter g, so t - a - g - H - a - ' is not possible.

(g occurs only in the spelling of the letters gh and ng.)

Klingon syllables usually end in a consonant (except for verbal prefixes), but this word has a first syllable that does not end in a consonant: ta - gha'.


Of course. Thanks for the reminder!

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