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  5. "The waitress is mexican."

"The waitress is mexican."

Translation:La camarera es mexicana.

April 21, 2018


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Isn't Mexicana pronounced like Mejicana?


SpanishDict says camarera/camarero is also used for hotel staff (maid/bellboy) or flight attendants. Camarera can also refer to a trolley! Think i might stick with mesera/mesero :)

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Makes sense, as the root for camarera is cama (bed) whereas for mesera it's mesa (table).


Have been practicing with waitress as "camarera" for days and days. When putting it in, answer is declared wrong and should be "mesera?" This has never been used; when hovering for hint it says "camarera." Confused.

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Camarera is used in Spain and mesera is used in Latin America. Often when Duo dings you and introduces a new word "out of the blue" like this, it's the result of simply misspelling the intended word.


It gives me an error when I entered El camarero es mexicano. There is no info abohut sex in the english sample


The sentence to translate is: "The waitress is Mexican." A waitress is always female.

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It doesn't say waitress?


When given "The waitress is Mexican" I put down "La camarera es de Mexico" and it was marked wrong. They wanted "La camarera es mexicana." But in a previous translation, when given "La camarera es de mexico" I answered "The waitress is Mexican" and got it right. Que pasa?.


With "La camarera es de Mexico", the correct answer should be "The waitress is from Mexico"; so if your answer was accepted as "The waitress is Mexican", it's because enough people have jumped up & down and complained/reported that hey, both mean kind of the same, so it should be accepted, right? Unfortunately, while this works for someone learning to translate, it's not good for others who are trying to learn to speak Spanish.


2018-09-27 "The English sentenceā€¦has an error": Mexican should be capitalized in English.


Varies a lot all over the spanish talking countries I guess

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