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  5. Is this phrase correct?


Is this phrase correct?

Is this phrase correct:

tlhIgnan Hol vIlaDlaH 'ej vIghItlhlaH 'ach 'oH vIjatlhlaHbe'

Does the phrase have the same meaning (I can read and write Klingon but I cannot speak it) if I drop the 'oH pronoun?


April 21, 2018

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It's nearly correct -- tlhIgnan must be tlhIngan (gn becomes ng).

The rest looks fine to me.

And yes, you can omit 'oH before vIjatlhlaHbe' just as you omitted it before vIghItlhlaH -- the prefix vI- indicates that there is a third-person object.

The literal translation either way would be "I can read the Klingon language and I can write it but I cannot speak it". Or more concisely, "I can read and write Klingon but I can't speak it" or "I can read and write but not speak Klingon".

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