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Plurals level 2 test 1

There are so many errors in the questions in Plurals level 2 test one that it is impossible to progress. The errors are in the multiple choice questions. For example: "Les hommes sont ---------." The possible choices are 'rouge' and ''calme'. Neither of these are correct so it is impossible to progress. I have found at least four similar 4 similar errors in this section. I am using an iPad. PLEASE DUOLINGO, CHECK YOUR MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS.

April 21, 2018

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Make sure you report them by clicking on "Report" when you are doing the exercise. I am not sure your information in this Discussion section will be seen by those who are responsible. If you click on "Report" after you got a "error" response, you will see options and one option is "My answer should be accepted" Click on that and the report will go to appropriate place. Thanks for your work. You will most likely receive a response from Duolingo stating that your suggestion was accepted. It may take a few days.

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