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  5. "Words express thoughts."

"Words express thoughts."

Translation:Las palabras expresan pensamientos.

April 21, 2018



Why is " las palabras expresan LOS pensamientos" wrong?


"palabras expresan pensamientos": marked wrong.

"las palabras expresan los pensamientos": marked wrong.

Why does the subject need an article, while the object cannot have one? Both are referring to general concepts rather than specific objects. Shouldn't they either both require the article or else neither one does?


I've seen it stated elsewhere on this forum that common nouns almost always require an article when they begin a sentence in Spanish, unlike English. Not sure why the object should not have the article though.


You are correct in that the subject almost invariably (I want to say always but do not want to lead anyone astray in my ignorance) needs the definite article regardless of what would be said in English.


Also wondering about this.


Still wrong September 2018.

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