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  5. "她要买新的自行车。"


Translation:She needs to buy a new bicycle.

April 21, 2018



It should be "want" instead of "need". 要=want. 需要=need.


Please accept "want".


The suggested answer for the rejected answer "She has to buy a new bicycle." is the grammatically incorrect English sentence "She have to buy a new bicycle."


"She wants to buy a new bicycle" still not accepted. Reported 26th October 2018.


There are multiple words for bikes, in taiwan, they're called 脚踏车


自行車 腳踏車 We both understand, the same. In China I think they say 自行車, but it doesn't confuse them when you say 腳踏車.

In Taiwanese, we also call bicycle 鐵馬. But only in Taiwan, in other places they won't understand.


Yeah 铁马 would take some deciphering for Mandarin speakers... Another term for bicycle is 单车/單車. I thought it originated in Taiwan, but I don't know if it's still used there (EDIT: Looks like it is according to @FuCnSW 's comment below). It gains popularity in mainland China thanks to the bikeshare services/apps, which are called 共享单车 instead of 共享自行车, apparently because the former is more concise and perhaps more stylish.


Actually I did learn it in school as a 修辞手法. I think it was 借代 but I can't say for sure, please enlighten me if you know.


I think it's just a metaphor (比喻), comparing a bicycle to an iron horse. I looked up 借代 (known in English as synecdoche) and I believe it's something else, e.g. in I read Shakespeare, "Shakespeare" is used in place of "Shakespeare's works."


It's not a 比喻, because I remember everyone in class answering that and the teacher saying it was something else, but that's where it becomes unclear because it apparently didn't make sense to all of us so we had a huge debate and noted it down as "to remember for exams".


I did not know about 鐵馬, that is funny. I understood it at once though, because in German, colloquially (maybe a little old-fashioned though) we say "Drahtesel" which translates to "Wire donkey", so 鐵絲驢 / 铁丝驴. :D


The "standard term” was changed from 脚踏车 to 自行车 not too long ago.


Want is 要,Need is 需要。


I've only heard of bicycle being pronounced dan1che1 before.


Yeah, 單車, it's also the same. 自行車=單車=腳踏車


Still considered as "needs" as of May 27, 2019.

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