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  5. "nItebHa' SuvvIpbe'."

"nItebHa' SuvvIpbe'."

Translation:Together, they aren't afraid to fight.

April 21, 2018



How would i say "they arent scared of fighting together"?

April 21, 2018


That's what this phrase says. But I think I see what you are getting at. This phrase can be interpreted to imply either, "They should be afraid to fight together, but they aren't," or, "they would be afraid to fight alone, but because they are together, they are not afraid to fight." I think this Klingon phrase could be used to mean either and the context in which it's said will likely make it clear which is being implied. I feel I would lean more towards interpreting it like the first and I would probably make the second more clear by saying: tlhejchuqmo' SuvvIpbe'

April 21, 2018


The same way, I would say.

"They aren't afraid to fight together" was already an accepted alternative; I've added "scared of fighting" as well now.

April 21, 2018
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