a few errors noticed..

I took the shortcut test just out of curiosity.. thought that there were a few points that can be brought to your notice.. 1) translating 'doctor' to 'vaidhya' was considered wrong. 2) '..about the employees' translated to 'karmachariyon ke vishay mein' was again wrong.. a couple of other similar errors. I'm aware that this is a beta version and of course will be improvised upon.. great beginning though.. kudos guys.. Jai Hind!

April 22, 2014

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ivelay, you seem to have advanced a lot on the tree! Thanks for taking the time to try it out and provide feedback.

  1. Yes, we will add वैद्य for doctor beside चिकित्सक and डॉक्टर. This is a great suggestion!

  2. I am not able to locate the employee/कर्मचारी example.

Next time, you might want to send a "My answer should be accepted" report or start a discussion thread on that sentence. This way the context is easy to locate.

alright.. will surely do that.. :)

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