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  5. "We ran to the Great Hall."

"We ran to the Great Hall."

Translation:vaS'a'Daq maqet.

April 21, 2018



In my opinion, it should be vas'a'Daq wIqet (where -Daq is optional). I found a canon source where Marc Okrand described the correct usage of -Daq in such cases:

MO: Here's the way {jaH} works. {jaH} can be used, using your terminology both transitively and intransitively. So, {bIQtIqDaq jIjaH} is "I go in the river."

<pre>I'm moving along in the river, traveling in the river. You can also say {bIQtIqDaq vIjaH}... </pre>

WM: You'd still use the {-Daq}?

MO: Yes. But you don't have to. That would be the way. {-Daq} or no {-Daq}. The prefix makes the difference in meaning. {jI-} means I'm moving along in someplace. {vI-} means I'm moving along to someplace. You cannot say {bIQtIq jIjaH}.

Reference: http://klingonska.org/canon/search/?file=1998-12-holqed-07-4.txt

I'm a little confused about this. Any other opinions?


See my response to the question of yIt. Short answer: qet is not a verb of motion, a verb that takes the destination as its object. qet doesn't take an object.


For others who come across this in the future and don't know what DavidTrimb3 is referring to, his response to "the question of yIt" is on this sentence discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/27022409

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