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"Was möchte die kleine schwarze Katze essen?"

Translation:What does the small black cat want to eat?

April 21, 2018



"Essen" is incorrect. All non-humans "fressen". What does the small black cat want to eat?" is "Was will die kleine schwarze Katze fressen?"


Yes, I'm confused by the use of essen, not fressen here.


It's unbelievable that Duo made this horrible mistake!! One of the things that they emphasized in another lesson was exactly this: "essen" is ONLY for humans and "fressen" is for animals.


Is there an order of adjectives to follow in German language incase a sentence has more than one kind of it?

In this sentence is 'schwarze kleine Katze' equally good as 'kleine schwarze Katze' ?


Could we say instead 'What does the small black cat like to eat?', or can we only use mochte to mean 'would like'?


No. That would be Was frisst die ... gern?. Also, you're missing the word "cat"!


Gib mir einen gegrillten Papagei. Miau.


In this context, in English, 'wish' and 'want' are interchangeable, as in "What does the small black cat wish to eat?"


möchte ´= English like, would like to, would like .Why in this case the translation requires "does" instead of "would"? In other sentences "would" was accepted ("What would you like to eat" Was möchtet ihr essen?")

English like, would like to, would like

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