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No Golden Owl?

Salut !

So I just finished my French tree (I have the new one, and crowns enabled), and I didn't end up getting the golden owl at the end. I've checked the other trees I finished prior to this, and I still have those golden owls. Obviously this isn't a big deal, I just wanted to see if this is a known issue, or if anyone else has had this problem. Merci !

Edit: In case anyone stumbles upon this post, I just now found a skill that wasn't shown as completed (Compound Past 3), which gave me the golden owl once I finished.

April 21, 2018



I checked and still have my 3 Golden Owls with this new Crown system. Perhaps you should move your question from the French forum to the Troubleshooting forum. Congratulations on finishing your French tree! That's fantastic news! Good luck!


And Congratulations!! Well done.


Yeah, I lost it too. No big deal, we probably have to get all the crowns to get the owl. It will take a loooooong time. Doesn't bother me, though, as I like the crown system, learning a lot more.


I finished the tree a few months ago and had the owl there until they put in this new crown system and now the golden owl has disappeared! I suspect that it will return once this new tree is completely golden again.


Congratulations to all who have finished their French tree. I am still working on it and I hope I have improved. The first time I went to St. Hubert Restaurant and ordered in French, I asked for 'un sein de poulet' to hilarious laughter all around the table. Of course I should have asked for 'une poitrine de poulet'. I got my golden owl for Spanish some months ago and it has disappeared, but I made a print screen of it and printed it for my Duolingo binder! have a good day all!


I finished my French tree awhile ago and still have my Golden owl (despite the conversion to crowns). I do not have the new French tree/skills though.

This unofficial site shows that you have your Golden owl for French:


Maybe it is a glitch and your owl will show up soon.


The owl disappearing is due to the French update , not the crowns. I lost my owl on the French side , but not on the English side. Both have crowns.

I think you have to get to at least level 1 on all sections to get the owl back. I still have 4 new sections that are at level 0 ,so I won't find out for sure for a couple of weeks.


Yes, you're right. It happened at around the same time so I thought it was because of the crowns. Just checked, and I do have all the other owls (5 of them). Anyways, I'm happy with the French update of lessons, so much more material to work with!


I finished my French tree a while ago on the old system and gained my golden owl, But when the system updated I lost my owl despite having at least one crown for each lesson. Oui. J'ai le meme probleme que vous!


Is there any point in doing the Practice? Before the crowns I would start with Practice and regain a gold circle or two.


Yes! Yes! There is!

I have done some practice on another language of mine, just to see how it works. And I have found that it works great!

You can see exactly how it works when you check the duolingo.eu tree.

Here's how you can tell exactly what Duo does for you:

First, open your Duo.eu tree (with the correct language). Then, do the practice session. THEN, open ANOTHER Duo.eu tree (which will be updated)!

This will allow you to compare before and after, so you see exactly which skill has improved.

What I found is that Duo picks the lowest of my 75% level skills (sometimes two of them) and places them in the 100% section after my practice session.

I expect it will do that until all my 75% skills are back at the 100% level. Then, I expect it will go on to the 50% level sections. I don't know yet but it might be that it takes 2 practice sessions to get them to 100%, or maybe that it will move them to 75% first and after another practice session to 100%.

I think this is really cool, and I feel quite motivated to practice - as soon as I have earned my French owl, which shouldn't take me more than another week or two...

And then I will start practicing my other languages... and it looks like there is a real system behind this, so I'm feeling very motivated to do the practice.

Hope this is useful!


Just in case you need to know how to find your duo.eu tree:


Mine is here: https://duolingo.eu/elisabeth3789/progress

Oh, and we all have a Duo.eu site for EACH of our languages. Just switch your regular Duo page to the language you want to check/practice and then refresh your Duo.eu page and it will switch to the appropriate language...

So if you want French, just go to French on your main page, and the Duo.eu page will then also show you your French info.


Wow! This is amazing! Never knew this "stuff" existed.


Isn't it cool? I also found out about the Duo.eu site only fairly recently (after the crowns appeared).


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