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I'm Confused and Frustrated

So, first of all, after being quite happy for over 800 days, I do not like this new format. To make matters worse, here's my story:

After having completed the Spanish (Latino) tree a long time ago, I am starting at the top and doing the lessons in order, getting one wrong every 40 or so sentences. This morning, I opened my session, and right before my very eyes, my crown level went DOWN by 2. I hate to be so connected to the metrics, but there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to this.

Additionally, the "folks" who are doing the correcting, are making mistakes in the translations and what "they" accept. Is there a new crew?

Does anyone have "intel" on this new Duolingo?

April 21, 2018



Hi everyone, thanks for the report!

Yesterday, we did a fix for our Spanish tree that's being alpha tested. A bug lead to some skills being "twins", meaning getting progress for one led to getting progress in another. Some of these skills include People, School, Shopping, Travel, and Family skills in that new tree. Learners that alpha tested this course may see a crown drop because the skills we incorrectly marked as completed before (due to completing its "twin") are no longer completed. We're sorry about this bug, but hopefully will be beneficial to learn the content in those skills that were incorrectly marked as completed before.

Unfortunately, the "People" skill in the non-alpha tested tree was erroneously affected. We have since fixed that and hope it is fixed for everyone now!


Thanks Karint for the response and information.

Duolingo needs to be proactive with communication - maybe a news feed? For breaking news.

This is great information - just wish it wasn't buried in this post.


Gracias, Karint, por su tiempo.


Follow up to earlier comment. Thanks Karint for sending out the email to your alpha testers. Communication is good!



Thank You for update. It is fixed for me. Any information on a new tree, such as when it will be rolled out and how? Will it replace the old one or add to it? Thanks!!!


Hey Eliz, after 800 plus days weren't you bored with the same old tree?

Now that there is a new system, why waste anytime on the basics? Does it matter that they are at level 3.

I just focus on areas where I have trouble, to name a few, verb tense, pronouns, subjunctive, etc....

I have no intention of keeping all the topics at level 5 , especially the basics,,,,,, boredom is our enemy.....

Go where the challenge is, not the boring basics


It matters because you have to get through the levels in a skill to progress to the more challenging content in that skill. At least I thought that was the point.


Unfortunately there is no additional, more challenging content. The lessons are simply additional repeats of the original content.


Actually, I am bored with this new "system."


Are you really getting help with subjunctive? I am doing it simply by trial and error, but I sure am not learning--just trying to get through the two lessons. Where are the tips and hints?


Get a workbook, such as the Harcourt Brace College Outline Series Spanish Grammar. Work through the details for about six hours and you will have it. Trial and error will never result in understanding this complex topic, especially the informal aspects. I am recommending this particular workbook because it has answers in the back to confirm that you are understanding properly.


By the way, I literally hate the "pick a word" exercises. That is a completely unnatural way to work and the functionality of the system is so poor that a lot of concentration is needed to avoid errors. I am working to help a struggling system rather than the system working to help a struggling Spanish student.


And while I am at it... The crown system was announced as a way to deliver more advanced content. There actually is zero new content, just the same old content repeated many, many times. You should have spent your time creating content rather than changing the system. This is what we in industry call "a change that sounds good rather than a good sound change."


Boy, I agree...how many times do we need to use "manzanas" and how many times do we need to conjugate "comer" in this new format?


Same thing is happening to me. My Crown level went down by 18 points today for no reason. I have not missed a day and I feel I was doing well but my points are down????


I actually went down 12 crown levels today while completing multiple new levels. I think that the problem for me is the "pick a word" exercises. I often click on a word and the click is not accepted by the system, but I don't notice, so I get it wrong. As you said there are a huge number of mistakes or at least uncommon usages in the English versions and while I am studying Spanish they tell me that my English is wrong. And in the new format, they take away progress for all mistakes, even if their own errors are the cause. Not good.


I have experienced the same. This morning 22APRIL2018 my crown level went down from 246 to 233 all though I have kept the same pace 30-50 XP per day for 270 days in a row. WHY? Very demotivating. Please explain


Hello Elizabeth I understand your feeling, and I want to help you if you want to follow me I'm on Google+ (plus) like AS Tama and I want to help you, I speak native spanish; a pink rose. If someone needs help in Spanish just follow me in G+; and activate Hangouts.

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