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Hi, first I want to say how much I am enjoying the klingon course. I hope audio will follow soon. But I was wondering if new lessons and new skills will keep being added to the tree or if this is the final product. I would love to see the tree being expanded as we move through it.
Thanks again to the contributors for such a fine job.

April 21, 2018



This is the final produce for the time being, but not for all times.

Shortly before the course entered public beta, the tree was locked down, and no new words or lessons can be added at the moment (but new sentences combining the existing words are possible).

At some point, we may be able to start work on a new tree which can have new lessons, either presenting the same material in a different way if we feel that would be better and/or adding new material. That's not likely to be in the next couple of months, though, I think, and I can't give any date for it.

If we do start a new tree, then eventually it would be made public as well, and made available to learners bit by bit (first a small group of learners see the new tree while most of them are on the old one, then more and more learners will be able to see the new tree).

At least, that's how it has been done in other language courses, as far as I know.

loghaD, the main driver behind the syllabus of this course, had quite a few ideas for further units, but at some point we had to freeze the tree so that we could start moving towards public beta.

So I'm reasonably sure that if and when we do start working on a Tree 2, there can be a fair bit of new material. (Depending also on how many volunteers we'll have at that point and how much time they have.)

Is there anything in particular you would be excited to see?


I think the course really needs visual graphics to help make the connections. I am struggling with the course because I don't quite have those connections and I don't understand the grammar.


Agree. I'm a Klingon and Trek fan. THAT H klingon word with a cup (for example) can help people say: OH is that the word for mug or bloodwine or cofee! Ok I think I can remember that!!' Stock pictures, CreativeCommons pictures etc. Those could be fine. And really help. I find it a lot easier (and fun!) to learn when I actually see what something is talking about. Part of that is I'm kixelsiD. So my brain (uncously) flips around letters and words. Weirdly sometimes in Klingon if I've never seen a word before I might uncously say oh I wonder if that's the ford for, fun or laughter or happy etc. Rosetta stone does that. I think in general people find it simpler and fun to learn languages when they actually see and here and geek out about what all lessons are talking about. Suposedly the German and Icelandic course at one time asked: How do you say Driving like a bos in german And some joker got a lesson in there asking: "type how to say dancing like a Bosk!" in I thought he said it was swedish.

It'd help the Klingon part a ton to add pictures where possible


We tried to add image exercises where we could, but there are a lot of limits to how you can present image exercises in Duolingo and Klingon is a very verb centric language and it's harder to do image exercises for verbs.


Hmm that and do, action style (sort of) someone or something does something a lot.


Maybe it's not possible to do within Duolingo's (or CBS's) parameters, but I always thought that it would be fun to feature pictures from the various Star Trek shows, in the appropriate places.


I don't think it's possible to add any pictures of our own -- only select from those in a pre-existing library.

I would have loved to include pictures for words in more places but many of my searches came up empty.


I'm not sure how complicated the licensing would have to be, plus Duolingo is moving away from pictures and moving towards their in-house art work. So, as fun as that would be, I don't think it's likely to happen.


Sunaghmeybe' tlhIH, 'ach Sunagh teH!


I don't understand this. What are you saying?


LeeGOgletree has come a long way in the past 3 months and I bet could write this better now. I've also had a lot of experience with beginner's mistakes. My guess is they were going for, "You all are not rocks, but you all truly rock!"


DaQoy DaneHchugh, DaH yI'Ij.

(If you want to hear it, listen now).

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