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"I have my ticket to Australia."

Translation:J'ai mon billet pour l'Australie.

April 21, 2018



Do all places (proper nouns) have to have 'the' preceding it? Or only country names? Would you also say "J'ai mon billet pour le Paris"?


Country names are almost always used with a definite article: they are feminine if they end in -e (La France...), and masculine otherwise (Le Canada...), with very few exceptions.

City names however are treated as proper nouns and are not used with an article: J'ai mon billet pour Paris.
Some countries are also treated as proper nouns (Monaco, Singapour...), usually they are either island nations or countries small enough to be considered cities.


Cette réponse est très utile, merci beaucoup!


Colloquially in English, we could say either "to Australia" or "for Australia." Can this be done in French? J'ai mon billet au Australie?


Why not, "J'ai mon billet en Australie?"

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