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"Il est impossible de penser à cela."

Translation:It is impossible to think about that.

April 21, 2018



I'm definitely hearing "il y a" on the first version of this being spoken, it sounds odd either way.


Isn't it "It's impossible to think ABOUT that" so it'd be "Il est impossible de penser De ça"

Why can't it be Penser DE cela? and not À cela?? Why did we choose the proposition De and not À?

I got so confused!


Why is "it is impossible to think of that" wrong? What is the best translation of "it is impossible to think of that"?


Why is It's impossible to think about this incorrect?


cela = that, ceci = this. But I think you may have a case since we have often been taught in these forums that it is common for French speakers to use "cela" to mean "this".


I would have said ''C'est impossible de penser à cela'' instead. Is it right ?

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