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Best way to learn?

I love using Duolingo for word usage and I'm finally reaching a point where words I learn stick, but what is the best way to learn? Duolingo on it's own still can't teach the whole german language so what else do people use (Trying not to spend money) I'm currently only in my first year of high school german but they only offer 2 years... I'd like to expand and I'm already ahead of most german 1 students in my area and would like to use the most effective (But free) methods together along with helpful learning techniques. Any help would be appreciated!!

April 21, 2018



I could only take 2 years of German in high school and went on to take another 2 years in college. I loved the language, and fortunately one of my friends knew fluent German from his parents. That gave me the opportunity to speak a lot of German while I was a teenager. Next to speaking, I did a lot of reading which helped my knowledge of vocabulary and word order. Duolingo has been a big help in learning proper grammar.


Hi, i stumbled upon the "birkenbihl method". It´s developed in germany but i´m sure there is a english description. If you can´t find it. leave a comment and i ´ll try to give you a brief summary.


The best way is to talk to someone who is fluent. No one is 100% fluent, even the natives. Everyone doesn't know at least one word. You may think you're 100% in English, but do you know the word antidisestablishmentarianism? Most of the people I know don't know that word. Talk to a native German speaker, but just remember, you'll still never get completely fluent.

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A person knowing 100% of words in the language (if there is one) would not necessarily be more fluent than a person knowing 50% of the words. Fluency is not about how many words you know (even though it helps if you know more of them). The level of your fluency depends on how comfortable you are using the language.

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Hi, I reached a decent level of German pretty fast, there is no best way to learn, in my opinion it's good to combine different methods since they will improve different skills (listening, writing, reading,...).

In my older post here you will find most of the methods I used to improve: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24437249

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