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The tedious need to scroll to my topic after answering question sets to achieve a golden star

The new star system is designed to provide fluency. However after reaching the topic - Accusative Case (German) you have to scroll down to get back to it EVERY TIME you complete a set of questions (of which there are 30) in order to get a golden star. This is extremely TEDIOUS and I can imagine that when I get to topic 10 I will dread having to do this and so will skip the last 3 levels. This means that my fluency will suffer.

Please Duolingo can you allow a user to freeze the topic they are working on so that each time they finish a question set or go to bed/work they are able to go back to where they left off. WITHOUT THE CONSTANT SCROLLING DOWN

I am not sure how many question sets there are for each topic but if it is 30 that means in order to complete German I will need to scroll down and click 121 x30 = 3630 scroll downs which will take you longer and longer the further you get down the list. Very frustrating and not great for RSI

I don’t mind scrolling back to practice but once I have my golden star I need to be encouraged to move on

April 21, 2018



Yes, lots of scrolling and clicks. I would like the option to continue to the next lesson right after I've finished one.

[deactivated user]

    Same happens with threads and it's irritating as hell. You enter any thread especially those a bit further bellow on the page and upon hitting the back button you are always taken back to the top of page.

    Same for searches... you do a search, enter one of the selected threads, and when hitting the back button the search is simple gone.

    Really... what about ergonomy and usability?


    Work-around: open threads in a new tab. It's a pain, but slightly less of a pain than using the Back button.

    [deactivated user]

      Indeed... and a pretty logical solution.

      Thanks stoopher.


      Agreed. Surely they could at least have a button at the top to "take me to my progress point".

      Also, it would be good if the info on the right hand side(daily progress, etc) stayed in place rather than disappearing when scrolling.


      I agree with you on your second point. I hope that Duo reads the comments that are made here and wiil actually rectify this problem because seriously I shall have to go elsewhere to learn before I go crazy!!

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