Fix clubs!! (Android)

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I am an admin of a public club (UYR7KS) for dutch learners. Aside from respecting the netiquette, there is just another rule to follow: gain at least 1 xp per week or get kicked out to make room for more motivated learners. This rule is necessary because otherwise groups get filled with new users who are just testing duolingo's features and give up in a few days, so active users that could use some company and competition constantly end up getting stuck in deserted clubs (happened to me several times already). With my system everyone was doing fine in my group and it was possible to meet new students, bond together and have a meaningful learning experience but now the whole thing is broken again due to reckless A/B testing. First you increased the max amount of members from 15 to 50, making it more time-consuming and difficult to manage, then you removed the useful exercises that used to pop out randomly every now and then, and now there's no more influx of new people because the club doesn't get recommended anymore when there are open slots (30 to fill atm), so the place is slowly dying out despite my past efforts to keep it alive, and that's quite disappointing. Can you please make up your mind and fix Clubs? Or at least let us be without messing around every month with new features? Thanks.

April 21, 2018


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