"A panda can be black and white or red."

Translation:Un panda peut être noir et blanc ou roux.

April 21, 2018

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Why roux and not rouge?


Well, it's not really red like a tomato, is it? More a reddish-brown, or ginger, so "roux", which is used for people's hair, too.


I got confused too and thought it was some sort of agreement with red, which did not make sense of course. I forgot about roux!


"roux" is used for red hair (or fur).

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I was asking for help regarding the color words for furs/hairs, and then found a list of them:


  1. Elle a les cheveux châtains. This color is very used in French and usually not known by students. It’s the equivalent of a dark blond, sort of a chestnut color.

  2. Elle a les cheveux bruns = elle est brune She has brown hair. She’s a brunette.

  3. Elle a les cheveux blonds = elle est blonde She has blond hair. She’s a blond.

  4. Elle a les cheveux roux = elle est rousse. She has red hair. She’s a redhead. Watch out, French has a specific adjective for red as a hair color : roux, and rousse. We do not use “rouge” unless the hair has been died in a bright crimson red color.

  5. Elle a les cheveux noirs. She has black hair.

Watch out! We do not say “elle est noire” to talk about her hair color. “Elle est noire” means “she is black of skin”. And it is the politically correct term to use in French.

  1. Elle a les cheveux blancs. She has white hair.

Same remark.

  1. Elle est blanche would refer to her skin color.

  2. Elle a les cheveux gris. She has grey hair.

  3. Elle a les cheveux poivre et sel. In English, you say “salt and pepper” but in French we say “pepper and salt”…

  4. Elle a des mèches bleues et violettes. She has blue and purple highlights.


I also put "rouge". I did not know roux, so a useful lesson

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