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French Loanwords in Vietnamese

The Vietnamese language contains a significant number of French loanwords and placenames. The majority of words having French origin are those relating to objects, food and technology introduced to the Vietnamese during the colonial era.

Additionally, the Vietnamese alphabet came to be written in a Latin-based script instead of Chinese script traditionally used by the former royal court. It became heavily promoted by the French colonial government, which got rid of Chinese influence on the Vietnamese education system by imposing a French-based system.

Below are some notable words that have made their way into standard Vietnamese from French:

ăng-ten - antenne

ba toong - bâton

bê tông - béton

bi-da - bille

(bút) bi- (stylo à) bille

- beurre

búp bê, búp bế - poupée

cà phê - café

ca-pô - capot

cao su - caoutchouc

cờ-lê - clé

cùi dìa - cuillière

ga - gar

(bánh) ga tô - gâteau

(chỉ) len - laine

ma đam - madame

mề đay - médaille

(khăn) mùi xoa - mouchoir

ô tô buýo -autobus

(bánh) patê sô - pâté chaud (obsolete) savoury puff pastry

(cục) pin - pile

phanh - frein

phẹc-mơ-tuya - fermeture

phim - film

pho mát, phô mai - fromage

(áo) sơ mi - chemise

tăng xông - tension

(táo) trái bom - pomme

tuốc-nơ-vít - tournevis

vô lăng - volant

xà lách - salade

xa lát - salade

xà phòng, xà bông - savon

xăng, ét-xăng - essence

xu chiêng - soutien-gorge

Le Courrier du Vietnam (in English: The Mail of Vietnam) is the only French-language newspaper published in Vietnam.[1] It was first established in 1964 in Hanoi and has since been the most circulated French-language news medium in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Le Courrier du Vietnam also broadcasts French language and cultural programs (the latter usually in Vietnamese) weekly on VTV1, the primary news channel in Vietnam. The newspaper used to be daily but is currently weekly. - Wikipedia

Link to Le Courrier du Vietnam: https://www.lecourrier.vn/

April 21, 2018


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