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"The artists are playing music."

Translation:Los artistas están tocando música.

April 21, 2018



Can't artista be either a masculine or feminine noun depending on the gender of the musicians? Does it always have to be los artistas? There's no context here indicating that the artists are all male or a mixture of males and females. I can't see why las artistas is necessarily wrong.


Frank -- I think either should be correct. 'Las' for females, 'Los' for males or unknown genders. Since we have no context to work on I don't see a reason why either couldn't be correct


Agreed. I wrote "las artistas estan tocando musica" and was marked wrong. How do we know the artists they are talking about are not all women?


Me encanta la música!


------- i think it should be "la mu'sica " too . . . "music " in english is the generic form of whatever kind of music , nothing specific. "la mu'sica " in spanish is the generic form of whatever kind of music, nothing specific.

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Artista is both masculine and feminine, but it always ends in a. We do not know the gender of the artists, so the article is los.

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Los artistas tocan musica


------- you reported, right ? if you didn't, duo won't accept your (this ) response . . .


I am assuming esta oración means they are performing the music. Qué será la oración si quieres decir que los artistas 'are playing prerecorded music through speakers'?

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