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"Él hace el desayuno cada mañana."

Translation:He makes breakfast every morning.

April 21, 2018



Are there any rules for when to use 'cada' and when to use 'todos' or are they interchangeable?


Well, in English they would be different. "Cada" would be talking about each day and todos will be talking about every day. Cada means you do it like once and todos los literally means all the time. For this, you only make breakfast once a morning (unless you do something different but usually the first meal of the day is breakfast) so "Él hace el desayuno cada mañana" is grammatically correct. If you somehow for whatever reason make breakfast all morning (from 12 am - 11:59 am) it would be "Él hace el desayuno todos la mañana."

Here's a better example, because that may be really confusing: "Tengo que ir al trabajo todos los días, y cada día es un poco peor." I have to go to work every day (todos los dias) and each (cada) day it gets a little worse.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Feel free to reply if you have any other questions.


That really cleared it up. Thanks!


I'm wondering the same thing


Each day it gets a little worse. Got it. Thanks.


Really, Duo? I couldn't hear the goth girl say the second "el".


The speaker combined "hace" and "el" so that it sounds like "hacel". It is relatively common for Spanish speakers to combine words when the first word ends with the same letter that the next word begins, somewhat similar to what English speakers do when they use contractions.


You can translate this sentence into English two ways and both will be grammatically correct, yet one is more specific. 'He makes breakfast every morning.' AND 'He makes the breakfast every morning.'


Whats the difference in saying he makes breakfast every day? Obviously breakfast is a morning meal but manana means both.


"Mañana" means "morning" or "tomorrow". "Día" means "day".


some people work nights and sleep days thus breaking their fast in the evening


My answer should have been accepted


Why is the sound so awful when the ladies are speaking? This sounds like: El ASS el desayuno etc....


Why does my microphone shut off

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