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Health in app vs website

I ran out of health in the app so I went online to do some practice to gain it back which was great. Got more xp and got back to working through some more exercises afterwards.

The problem is I went back to the app and I apparently had no health and could not do anything via it...

April 21, 2018



It is long past time to get rid of this health nonsense.


You have to wait several hours for your "health" to regenerate n the app. It's pointless and stupid

You also could go to the bottom of the app and select the heart shaped icon for a random practice session. The practice won't advance you and you can't pick what you practice, but you'll get one click of life back, for what it's worth


That link shows "no results for"


Try again, then type in “health” to get there yourself. Once you get to level 5 in an earlier skill you will also be able to practice there.

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