"Which language's grammar is the most difficult?"


April 21, 2018

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I don't know. The Chinese doesn't look right to me. How about 哪个语言的语法是最难的? or 最难的语言语法是哪(一)个?


The classifier for languages is 种. It's currently accepted too.


Your first translation is indeed more idiomatic than the other two (given and your second one).


Is this wrong or unnatural 最难语法什么语言 ?


And the answer is??


I think it is more about what languages you already know. If you just speak Chinese or English, Portuguese will be really difficult, but if you speak Spanish it will be very easy. So, for me, a portuguese native speakers who also knows how to speak english, it will be easier to learn french, spanish, italian, germany and norwegian, than japanese or arabic


E-S, AND THE ANSWER IS... That it's very difficult to pin the average user's language down in either language, thank the creator of humans and their languages. It's our variability that makes us capable of survival. Look at old grammars and you will discover that they are wrong. Look at new grammars and you will discover that they're going to be wrong. Pick up some 中国语言在多邻国 (Duolingo) and then go somewhere in North China where the国语is closest to The standard you hear on TV and online... Even people who don't speak it well will understand it throughout all of China. There do immersion / immerse yourself for a year. Get to know people your own age and older people whose work is interesting to you. In a year you will be speaking. And it's such a great language, such a great country... If you go with just enough language to get by people will take care of you. I've sent a lot of students there who established themselves in their field in China. Many of them still live there and work there. Many have come home and work here in the field that they took up in China. I'd almost say China is the salvation of mankind... We will have to wait to see about that, and they still May lack the capital to put forward the technology to save the world from the cataclysmic climate changes that await your generation. But foreigners who know Chinese will be a great aid to everyone in your generation's great crusade.

老人很爱说话 。对不起


Is this translation wrong? 什么语言有最难的语法?

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