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Verduras is a synonym for vegetales.

When asked to write vegetables in Spanish, I wrote verduras instead of vegetales, and it was incorrect. But both words mean vegetables, so I tried to report it, but the only option provided was, “The pictures do not match the given word.” There wasn’t any way to say that both should be counted as correct.

I don’t want to be too critical, because I’m glad to have this way to practice Spanish, and I think Duolingo is wonderful.

April 22, 2018



It should be accepted, report it. Even though, "verduras" and "vegetables" aren't synonyms, they are the most close translations. "Verduras" are green or, at least, fresh and "vegetables" can be broader.

By the way, I've only heard "vegetales" for "vegetables" in dubbed movies (lip sync perhaps) and in translated texts. In Spanish, "vegetales" means simply "plants": "Las especies vegetales de la Antártica son pocas" = "The plant species of Antarctica are few". or "¿Es un vegetal o un animal?" = "Is it a plant or an animal?".


I don’t know Latin American Spanish but vedura is certainly a synonym for vegetables in Castilian Spanish.

I would just give what they want for the time being until you get a question which does not involve a picture and then you should be able to report it with “my answer should be accepted”. Those reports are sent directly to the language teams.


"Verdura" is not a synonym, but it is the only word in all varieties of Spanish, excepting Puerto Rican (according to RAE). However. it should be accepted, since Spanish has no exact equivalent of "vegetables", only close concepts: "verdura" and "hortaliza".


Yes, I understand what you mean. There are multiple ways to say something in Spanish because there is Mexican Spanish and Spain Spanish. Some other examples would be like car: coche: Mexican Spanish carro: Spain Spanish. You all: ustedes: Mexican Spanish vosotros: Spain Spanish. You would still be understood if you didn't use the right one in the right place though!


In this case, it is not the case :) "Verdura" should be accepted, since it is used in all countries and it is the most close translation for "vegatables", but they aren't the same.


Legumbres tambien ?


My spanish teacher is Puerto Rican and she taught us "verduras", it might be a regional thing or a dialect. I was also surprised when I got to the food category and wasn't able to write "verduras", but she teaches us alternate words so at least I knew that "vegetales" was another option. I agree that both should be accepted.

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