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  5. "pong 'oHbej."

"pong 'oHbej."

Translation:It is definitely a name.

April 22, 2018



"pong" had the hover hint "name", but I have never seen the rest of the sentence and there was no hover hint for 'oHbej. Does that really mean "It is definitely" ?


That's right!

Hover hints for words that start with an apostrophe unfortunately don't work yet -- the hints are there in the backend but the part that displays them to learners can't find them for some reason.

Duolingo developers know about this problem but I don't know how quickly it can be fixed. (Please don't report "Hints are missing"; we know, and reports won't help.)

So for now, you either have to look up such words elsewhere, or guess and then learn the meaning by looking at the correction.

'oHbej means "it is definitely ...".


Could you please ask the contributors to list these words and their definitions at the ends of the tips and notes for the section in which they are introduced? I know it might not happen right away, but let's try to get it to someone's attention as an alternate solution. I am still looking for a good dictionary.

This one http://klingonska.org/dict/?q=%27oHbej did not have the word, but it is just a pocket dictionary. Most of the dictionaries that I have found are from English to Klingon.

Finally, I found this page https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26656923 in which jdmcowan provided a link to https://hol.kag.org/ which has a word look up that I tested and it provided the translation of

'oH as "it" and

bej as "certainly, undoubtedly"

even though I had typed the two words as they appear here, as one word. So [name it (is) certainly/undoubtedly] becomes "It is definitely a name." Will these two other definitions also be added as possible for bej?

I went back up and played with the word some more and it magically transported me here: https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Klingon/%27ohbej/d1a300555ec451d8b27f5265849961ea Ah, this is not a hover hint, but I was able to click on it to get there. Wonderful! Thank you, whoever enabled that!


Look for an app called boQwI' on Android, Chromebook, or iOS.


-bej here is a suffix, not a word of its own, but it has a meaning of its own -- "certainly, undoubtedly, definitely".

So from pong 'oH "it (is a) name" you can get pong 'oHbej "it (is) certainly/undoubtedly/definitely (a) name".

"certainly" was also accepted, and I've just added "undoubtedly" to the accepted translations for this sentence.


Thank you for that clarification! Also, thank you for all your hard work adding alternate meanings!

That Klingon word lookup did use a dash before that suffix, so I should have known. Interestingly, last time I was on the laptop and the pronoun came up , but this time I was on my iPad and it did not. So, now I am wondering if my apostrophe on my iPad is somehow different and if it will be a problem during the lesson. I suppose that I should try it. A Klingon cannot be afraid of missing answers!


The iPad may be giving you a "smart apostrophe", i.e. one that doesn't just go straight up and down like on an old typewriter but that looks a bit like a little "9" shape: a bit curly or slanted.

I think Duolingo can cope with either shape, but other programy will generally consider them completely different characters.

You can try long-pressing the apostrophe on your iPad - that should pop up a little window with various apostrophes, including a straight-up-and-down one which might be right above where your finger is so you can just slide up and let go.


Yes, I will try it.

‘ is from my keyboard for my iPad and holding down the apostrophe on the onscreen keyboard ‘ can be changed to ' which looks more appropriate ’ are the other two possibilities. ‘ ‘ ' ’
Okay, I am going to need a magnifying glass now. ‘a’ 'a' ’a’ a. I think I can rule out that last one.

Fascinating, that last one has an interesting effect of highlighting script.


I'm still confused about 'oH


Have you read the Tips & Notes? Can you say more about what is confusing you?


why there is no sound anywhere?? :( How could I learn klingon, when I can't anything?


Duolingo administration decided not to include audio in this course (they've been doing the same in many of their courses and it's a shame in all of them). A few Skills in, we do try to give you some pronunciation hints, but we don't know if Duolingo will ever decide to add audio to this course. There is a previous post with some very helpful suggestions that you can read by following this link: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26605745


Surely one of the main reasons why this module was so highly anticipated was because of the expectation that there would be audio, like every other Duolingo course. The platform has even been commended by governments for breathing life into dying languages by teaching people to speak them with audio examples.

So how does it expect to teach people to speak a fictional language without the same?


Duolingo HQ has lately been launching many of the new courses without audio. Unfortunately, they do not have any current plans to add audio to the Klingon course. We, the contributors of this course, agree that having audio would be a great benefit, but it has not been a priority for the Duolingo staff. My only suggestion would be to report the lack of audio as a bug: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-


The female speaker's pronunciation is hard to understand. It sounds like she's saying "Hol 'oHbej." not "pong 'oHbej."


pong 'oHbej - but it was little gravelly, so I redid it. You won't hear it until Duo does a refresh, sometime in the next eleven days.

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