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  5. "Je ne sais pas non plus."

"Je ne sais pas non plus."

Translation:I do not know either.

April 22, 2018



Why "any more" is not accepted

  • I don't know any more = Je ne sais plus


I'm having trouble understanding where the 'either' comes from. Is this an idiom? Im having trouble making sense of this sentence. To me "Je ne sais pas" means I don't know and "non plus" means not more. Could you explain further. Merci beaucoup.


"Non plus" is the negative version of "aussi". It indicates an agreement to a previously mentioned negative statement. Consider the following conversation:

Émile : I saw his new movie. = J'ai vu son nouveau film.
Sophie : Me too! = Moi aussi !
Émile : I didn't like it. = Je ne l'ai pas aimé.
Sophie : Me neither. = Moi non plus.
Émile : I don't know why he keeps making them. = Je ne sais pas pourquoi il continue à les faire.
Sophie : I don't know either. = Je ne sais pas non plus.

Perhaps you have a different way of expressing that in English.


very helpful. have a lingot!


Thank you George. Your explanation is very helpful. I get it now


Very helpful. Screenshot-ed in case I get confused in the future


I believe this is correct info if not I will stand corrected. In English "any more" connotes quantity and "anymore" infers time.


Then, the drop down menu shouldn't offer 'any more' as a choice.


I agree, and it is higher up than either, I believe.


I was surprised to see that it wasn't "je ne sais non plus," without the "pas" in this construction. Can anyone walk me through the logic?


Simple. "Je ne sais pas" is "I don't know." "Non plus" is the negative version of "aussi" (also). It is not an element of negation that you combine with "ne". Read my example conversation above.


thanks! here's a question for you...i sometimes give lingots to moderators on here. is that something you can use or is it a waste of a lingot?


I don't need it. Thanks for the thought. To be honest, nobody really needs lingots besides new Duolingo users, but it's appreciated.


I think its important that we let the moderators know when we appreciate their answers and insights


Where does the "do" come from?

"I no longer know either" is a more correct translation, both literally, and proper English (though not common).


That's just basic English. We negate verbs with some form of "do" as an auxiliary verb. "I DO not know." Rarely would one day "I know not" unless you are Shakespeare.

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