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Why are you doing French??

I am doing French in several books and Duolingo of course. ,Cause my family is going to live in France for a year!!! I am also going to school there!!

Can others please explain why they are learning French??

April 22, 2018



to not forget my French, which I first learned in school many years ago. I need French in case my French penpal emails me. She doesn't know English.

On re-reading my post, my penpal's email sounds like one of Duolingo's stories, about how Jean-Pierre broke his leg, skiing and had to be air-lifted by helicopter to the hospital.

In this case, it was a true story, not made up like Duolingo's stories.

For example, she emailed this to me around New Year's:


Comment allez vous ? Avez vous froid ?

A la télévision nous avons vu qu'il fait très froid au Canada, chez nous il y a beaucoup plu.

Aujourd'hui il faisait très doux 13 ° c'est exceptionnel pour Janvier.

Je vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année, surtout la santé.




I understood everything she wrote, but I didn't answer, mainly because I felt tongue-tied about what to write in French.

So, then after a few weeks, she wrote me again:


Je suis inquiète, êtes vous malade je n'ai pas eu de vos nouvelles.

Nous sommes allé faire du ski avec Jean Pierre samedi, il est tombé, il ne pouvait pas bougé la jambe, il a été évacué par hélicoptère vers l'hôpital, après radio ils ont vu qu'il une facture du fémur, il va être opérer.

Dans l'attente de vous lire, je vous souhaite une bonne soirée.



So, I finally answered her email in French, I think my grammar was correct. She never corrects my French. Years ago she told me she understood everything I wrote and that any mistakes I made were only little mistakes.

She is French and doesn't know English.

Besides, after all these years of corresponding with her in French, I think it would seem weird to me if she suddenly was writing in perfect English.

In fact one time Chrome browser offered to translate her email to English, but it seemed weird to me, so I told it to keep the original.

So, anyway, that's the main reason why I'm doing French.


Because I watched a video of Jacques Pepin making an omelette, and decided, then and there, that the man who can do that, LIKE that, must speak a WONDERFUL language.


I guess I'm not the only one who feels this way! Jaques Pepin is not young or handsome but he may have more Gallic charm than any Frenchman in history. Can't stop watching him cook - completely disarming and absorbing - and I'm not really interested in cooking.


I promised my dad I would try to learn all of my favorite languages, I've learned sign language and started french before he passed away, but now that he's gone i'm even more determined to learn it


I know how that feels.


Challenging myself, Picked French because did not find the easy a school, many moons ago.

Trying to use my brain and memory skills in a attempt to stop losing them

I do about 10 min in the morning, so slow but enjoyable


The reason why I am learning French is because I have created my express entry profile for Canadian immigration. What happens in the express entry system is that you get points based on your language ability, your level of education, age and work experience.By learning french, I can get 30 extra points for my language ability and improve my chances of being selected for permanent residency of Canada.


I've always been fascinated by language. I would love to go to France and Quebec. So part of it is curiosity, part is preparation for a trip I'll hopefully take sometime during my life.


Why? When you speak French you are instantly Charles Boyer, Yves Montand, Alain Delon and Jean Reno. In other words, the coolest cat in the world. I have learned (to different levels of ability) German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. When I speak these languages people give me an odd look, like, "what was that talk?" When I speak French (to Americans), people are visibly charmed and impressed. Their faces light up and they say, "wow, you speak FRENCH!?" Also, I got hooked on an old Public Television program called "French in Action," which was a 50+ episode immersion course with no English spoken. I found the professor, the story and French culture in general so irresistible I watched the whole thing more than once - and actually learned some French. Finally, I have to admit to a deep love of Paris, my favorite city. It is one of my life's dreams to return to Paris speaking fluent French.


I attend a lot of my city's French events, so understanding French is helpful. I also have a vested interest in language acquisition as a student of teaching, and language.

I do about 30mins-1h of French a day.


I am doing French because I have always been fascinated by it and its culture and history. I really want to go to France or Africa to use my French with my scientific research. But I am also using several books, dictionaries, and websites to teach me. So FUN!!!


I actually took French in high school but I stopped with it for a long while, so I decided to retake it and I hope to take a certificate test next year!


I’m going to France next summer and would like a headstart, even if I’m only gonna need it for 5 days


spent a week in France a few weeks ago on an immersion course, training how to provide quality French lessons to primary age children. It was a mixture of teacher training and adult language lessons to improve our own French. Had an amazing time and was surprised at how much I could remember from school (despite being ancient now!). Used Duolingo to give me a bit of a boost before I went and got hooked


I spent a short time in a private school where it was mandatory for my grade to take French at first I was honestly annoyed about it but came to really enjoy French despite the teacher constantly giving wrong translations and not knowing what she was doing when finding the correct stuff in my free time at home I knew I wanted to continue learning French cause finally I found a language I enjoyed, I don't attend private school now and just recently started getting back into French but I'm doing good so far and I'm pretty proud of myself honestly.


I am doing French because I want to increase chance of getting more career opportunities in international organizations and better communicate with people of different nationalities and cultures ....


I am learning French because it is a beautiful language and because this summer I am going to a Francophone country. I want to be able to understand at least a few things that people are saying.


How exciting that you're going to live in France!

I learned French in high school, and by my senior year I was pretty good at it, and sometimes ended up thinking in French instead of English. But I forgot most of it since then and I'm trying to get it back -- 40 years later!

I'm also trying to learn Spanish for the first time. I'm having a lot more trouble with that, than with the French!


I am learning because the language has always enticed me. I just love the sounds and want to emulate them. It's not the foreign language I'm best in, but it's the one I want most to learn.


I met a woman who lives in Burgundy 4 or 5 months each year, alternating with a home in Canada. She's asked me to come this summer to see the place she loves.


I started not too long ago because I was bored and don’t necessarily have anything I’m good at and I thought learning another language would be fun.

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