"Les Belges ont un roi."

Translation:The Belgians have a king.

April 22, 2018

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Is anyone else hearing something completely different than the sentence above? It sounds like "Les Belges juge un timbre?" / "Les Belges juge entendre" - whatever. I can't make it out, but it definitely does not sound like "Les Belges ont un roi". When the exercise with the male voice dictating the sentence for your to transcribe, it matches the sound and written answer of "Les Belges ont un roi".


It's the liasons messing with your ears. If you group it according to the liasons

I get : Les Bel geson tun roi - 6 syllables

Google translate does it in 5 - Les Belges on tun roi


I think it's the liasons but for "roi" I swear I heard "croire" or something starting with cr.


The audio is awful especially the slowed down version where are not supposed to be liaisons. And by the way both versions have the t sound in front of roi when it should be anyway.


I had to listen 5 times. The last time it sounded clear as a bell. The fault was with my ears, not the audio. (I got female voice)

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    English should not have the word 'The' here. It's more correct to say Belgians have a king.

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