Crying Owl

When I run out of hearts I don't like to see the owl crying! I am not crying, why is the owl crying?

A MINOR gripe for a TERRIFIC learning programme.. :) Thank you Duolingo...

March 23, 2013


Duo, the owl, cries a lot (generally speaking), so don't take it personally. Duo's not mean to discourage in that way :( Glad you are loving Duolingo.

Ya, Ich liebe Duolingo! Mundo bueno!

Duo is rather overreacting, poor thing. It's like I stole his sweets! I'll stop losing hearts. That's a nice incentive, to keep him happy.. :) It's early days for me. Avanti!

Yes, the less hearts you lose, the less Duo cries :D Keep practicing, and don't be discouraged.

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