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  5. "我的家没有空调。"


Translation:There is no air conditioner in my house.

April 22, 2018



Note that "冷气 (机)" means air-conditioner for Southeast Asian Chinese. It literally means "cold air" since heaters are not required in Southeast Asia.


My home doesn't have airconditioner


Close; either "doesn't have an air conditioner", or "doesn't have air conditioning".


In America, it's more common to say "My house doesn't have A/C"


I live in the US southwest, where not having AC is a serious hazard. My understanding of the difference is as follows-

An "air conditioner" is a device that cools the air, referring specifically to the device. "Air conditioning" is more focused on the presence of air cooling rather than the device itself.

Ex: My air conditioner broke. My car has air conditioning.


Duolingo accepts, 'My house does not have an air conditioner,' which would seem to be a more accurate translation of this sentence. Indeed, it would seem to me that the 'accepted' translation is incorrect; it would translate 我的家里没有空调, not the sentence given.

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