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7 Tips to Learning French Efficiently

Tip 1: Always work with audio

This is very helpful because, how are supposed to understand another French speaker? Or how are supposed to speak French the right way without knowing how the words or tones sound like?

Tip 2: Be in touch with your own learning style

This makes things easier all the time! But beware, Make sure you are also learning the right way.

Tip 3: Self studying is NOT for everyone

When it comes to learning languages, not everybody is the same. Some of you may need a teacher to guide you, and some of you may like to study in groups (cause you always get ice cream afterwards) (joking!).

Tip 4: Beware of cognates (words that are the same between the two languages.)

Tons of students look at them thinking “ah simple, I know that one”. But when they need to use that word, they don’t remember it’s the same as in English… anyway, cognates always have a different pronunciation

Tip 5: Learn in sentences

Isn't that what we are doing in Duolingo? See how effective it is?

Tip 6: Don’t try to learn everything at once

You'll have a lot to memorize if you do that, and it can be frustrating.

Tip 7: Review – repetition is the golden key! (to the golden gate, not the silver one!)

Probably the no.1 mistake students make is that they have all their focus on learning the new material, and forget to review the older one. Then you'll have to restart all the time!

Tip 8:

Speak to real Francophones. Make a friend. You'll never realize how bad your conversational French is until you try to use it with a real person. ( Recommended by: DXLi)

(I got help from www.frenchtoday.com you should check it out it's quite helpful!) (I threw in my words so I'm NOT plagiarizing)

Hope this helps!

~ Carissa.N ~

April 22, 2014



Tip 8: Speak to real Francophones. Make a friend. You'll never realize how bad your conversational French is until you try to use it with a real person.


Want me to add that in?

[deactivated user]

    This is the best advice ever, the one my teachers taught me,and the ones I preach to my friends (whom always ask me for french advice) (as well as the ones I learn by)!


    Thanks for the tips! Does anyone have any suggestions for good audio with subtitles? :)


    MP3 Audio with transcription you can follow is at http://www.litteratureaudio.com/ You can use an audio program like Audacity to reprocess the MP3 to a slower speed when you are beginning. Also check out cartoons like Peppa Pig, Dora, Caillou, Le petit Nicolas, Angelina Ballerina in french on Youtube. The shows are targeted at under 5's so the language is relatively slow and simple, which is good for beginners. Listening to rapid adult French that is too quick to be more than 10% intelligible won't help you much, and will probably put you off continuing. If you have a good video editor, slowing these down to 85% or 90% works a treat.


    I found this in a web search, but I haven't tried it myself yet.



    A site I love is newsinslowfrench. It has a transcript where you can follow along.


    Ooooo.... I'll check it out!


    That's really good advice.

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