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The pronunciation section

Is it being really buggy for anyone others? Yesterday I tried part one. Neither the english side or the klingon side part of questions or reviews showed up consistantly and litterally just said either [ ] or BLANK. The text didn't make sense or missing context yesterday: 'What do these letters meen 'oH, 'e, 'u' ? . For " 'U ' For what ever reason It thought " U, U" some how made sense. Is it trying ask what does " 'oH " meen? " and then offer answers like: "Mara has has a tribble and bag pipes on here head" "The teleporter sent a mutant from a federation space colony experiment lab from the nefarius doctor zeboo" or " it the thing kind, NOT THE DUDE THAT FIXED THE BATTLE CHESS TABLE"

I ask because right now it just doesn't make any sense. I simply don't know if that's a a bug. And the techies will get to it eventually. Or if that lesson may simply need to be adjusted so as people know what it's helping you to learn.

April 22, 2018

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Duolingo has a bug wherein hints that begin with an apostrophe don't work. They're supposedly working on it.

Go to Hol 'ampaS for a word lookup for all but the most recently discovered Klingon words. You can even hear them pronounced.

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