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Crown Level is Dropping

Like everyone else, I was forced to upgrade to the new Duolingo which many dislike due to the repetitiveness of the easier lessons. Myself, instead of repeating the earlier lessons, I simply keep hitting the strengthening bar. I like the randomness of the lessons. Both level of difficulty and lesson material seems to be randomized. However, with this approach I noticed my crown level never increased which I am fine with. Then I noticed my crown level started to drop, which I am still fine with. I will continue with my strengthening bar approach. But seeing crown level dropping only backs up what many others are saying about the new crown system, it simply provides no value.

April 22, 2018



Karin commented this on another post yesterday:

Yesterday, we did a fix for our Spanish tree that's being alpha tested. A bug lead to some skills being "twins", meaning getting progress for one led to getting progress in another. Some of these skills include People, School, Shopping, Travel, and Family skills in that new tree. Learners that alpha tested this course may see a crown drop because the skills we incorrectly marked as completed before (due to completing its "twin") are no longer completed. We're sorry about this bug, but hopefully will be beneficial to learn the content in those skills that were incorrectly marked as completed before. Unfortunately, the "People" skill in the non-alpha tested tree was erroneously affected as well. We have since fixed that and hope it is fixed for everyone now!



In the passage quoted, "lead" should be "led" in the second sentence.


Very true - it was a direct quote word for word, so I didn't want to edit it.


Off topic for this thread.


i prefer the randomness of the strengthening bar also. perhaps not random, but rather, to encourage practice of your weakest skills. it is too bad that this does not seem to record any crown progress.

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you will have a much better time using Lingvist which has taught me so much more interesting words and phrases than " mi perro es blanco " 500 times , which duolingo is famous for. Lingvist is free.

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