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Anyone have tips or pointers for learning Spanish?

I am currently a 13 year old boy who has a mother of Puerto Rican decent and her whole family speaks Spanish. We visit Puerto Rico every year for about a month, but it's always weird not speaking fluent Spanish there because most Puerto Ricans speak Spanish. I am going to visit Puerto Rico again in about a month and I would like to know if there is any way I could learn some more Spanish quickly before I go, considering I have a mother who is fluent in it. Also, my mother does speak English fluently and I do speak a bit of Spanish, but I can only really understand a little bit of Spanish when I'm texting or talking to my mother, if anyone else talks to me it's usually too fast for me to understand. Any help would be appreciated muchas gracias!

April 22, 2018



Practice always, always makes perfect. Do you speak any other romance languages? If so, that can help! Practice every day using apps / websites like this one! Hasta luego!


It would make sense to keep using Duolingo, & it would make sense to start practicing talking if thats really what you want to do. I would probably start speaking with your mom in Spanish more, and you should find things will start coming easier.

You could also start reading in Spanish, & if you do it out loud I have found that helpful.

Buenos Suerte, y ¡espero que puedes mejorar tu capacidad pronto!


Thank you for the advice, I think speaking to someone in Spanish will be the best help I can get for now.


I think you already knew that, especially considering how you worded your posts, but all the same your welcome for pointing out something I think you already knew!


Practice with your mother. Talk about your day, your hobbies or your plans. What do you like for dinner, your favorite film or song or what are going to do next week. Ask her to speak more slowly and be patient with your mistakes. Tell her about your interest on have a better time in Puerto Rico. Y muy buena suerte en todo.


Hey, I am a 12 year old girl, so I can understand where you're coming from. Does your school have a Spanish course? That's where I learn Spanish. Try setting your TV, Video Games, Computer, etc. to Spanish under language preference. Check out some Spanish books from the library. You could even ask your mom for help with this. She could start only speaking to you in Spanish, or teach you some phrases. If Spanish is her native language, ask how she learned English, and then use her techniques to learn Spanish. I hope this works out for you, remember immersing yourself in a language is the best way to learn! Good luck - Rosalli PS: Great website, check it out: http://mylanguages.org/learn_spanish.php


When you do a duolingo sentence, look away from the screen so you are listening to it without reading the words at the same time. You can look at the words later if you need to.

Then after you translate the sentence to English, look away from the screen again and say the sentence in Spanish. Then listen to it once more to make sure you said it correctly.

I have been doing this myself because it seemed like I was depending too much on the written word. (And maybe that's OK when I was just beginning to learn Spanish, but I wanted to advance my listening skills.)


Practice, practice, practice. I finished my tree here in 5 months. Now I'm practicing using a method called the puzzle strategy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EY5_utdySBE I also use another handy strategy called conversation.


Do what others said here, and especially follow Chilotin's advice. You're very lucky to have someone (your mom) to practice Spanish with anytime.


I applaud your attitude and admire your opportunity. As regards ATTITUDE, you are to be congratulated for your desire to become a part of the parallel culture. That desire will be a catalyst for your success. If you didn't care, you would be doomed. But it is clear that you do care. As regards OPPORTUNITY, in spite of the internet, cell phone and 24/7 access we continue to live in a cultural cocoon of our own making. Few of us have the opportunity to break out of that cocoon. Your family is giving you the gift of "connectedness". In years to come you may look back on that gift as you most prized possession.


If you practice every day or even try to find help from others who speak english and spanish then you can get better but if you rush to get it done, you wont remember everything.


I am just learning Spanish too! Ask your mother to speak a sentence slowly then work your way up to speedy! It works for me! Try it!


I feel you, it's hard to stay motivated. Good luck! :)

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