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Does anyone else feel they are learning two languages instead of one? It’s not so much the backyards and bathrooms, but correct grammar is surprisingly different. This is a very minor quibble though. Duolingo is great. Thanks to a twelve year old who recommended it!

April 22, 2018



I totally agree with this. The majority of my wrong answers are because I’ve translated French into British English. I’m maybe ahead of the crowd since the recent revamp though so I’m finding lessons which haven’t been seen much . I do report when I’ve encountered examples of this and have received acceptance of some of my wrong answers. Today I discovered that college is middle school, not just school for example, and its forever chucking out shop in favour of store. To save myself the bother, I have to try and remember the differences.

Otherwise Duolingo is great.


Any reason in particular this was posted in the "French" forum? It might spark a better conversation in the general "Duolingo" forum.

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I guess because the problem didn’t seem to arise when I was doing Russian. And because the drop down menu only had three options as far as I could see. But it probably is the same for other languages.

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