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Futurelearn is offering a free online German at Work Post-Beginners 2 (new second course)

Beginning on April 23rd, the free online website, Futurelearn is offering a German at Work Post-Beginners 2 course. This is a continuation of the German at Work Post-Beginners 1 course currently being offered.

One can still sign up for the German Beginners 2 course without completing the first course.

Directly from the Futurelearn website, here is part of the description:

What topics will you cover?

Jobs and working patterns

The economy: sectors and trends

Working life - past and present

Education, training and future plans

Here is a link to the German II course on Futurelearn: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/german-2

April 22, 2018



Just took a look at Futurelearn -it looks like another good source of learning. Duolingo fans should should check it out. Alles Gute!


Futurelearn does a nice job with their language courses, like you said, it's a nice additional source for learning. It was exciting seeing German offered for the first time on their website. Best wishes. :)


Hello again Buck! Based on your previous post, I signed up for Future Learn german-1 about a week ago (I'm really behind the curve on that one - I signed up way late), and am currently about half-way through their week two topics. Given how much I've learned in that short amount of time, I can say it's definitely been worth it!

So thank you for introducing me to Future Learn - I appreciate it!


Glad to hear you're enjoying the German 1 course as well as Futurelearn. One nice feature about Futurelearn is the opportunity for different sentences and explanations for practice. This is the first time I've seen German offered on Futurelearn - and I've also found it helpful. :) Chris


Just finished Deutsch im Arbeitsplatz - 1 this morning ... wow, that was intense! I'm very glad I took the course. I know I can sign up for the german 2 course, but right now I'm holding off a bit and doing some reviewing and things (plus trying to get ready for teaching more stuff this summer semester), before I try to start something new. Thank you again, for mentioning this course and the follow-on as well!


Good to hear that you enjoyed the course. It looks like futurelearn added both a Post German 1 course as well as a Post German 2 course. That makes four courses in German! I like these additional resources. Again, thanks for stopping back and letting me know. :) Chris

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