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  5. "I became tired again."

"I became tired again."


April 22, 2018



Can qa' be used with choH, to thus make jIDoy'choHqa'? If so, would that more convey the sense of "I started to tire again." ?


No -- -choH and -qa' are both type-3 verb suffixes, so they would both occupy the same "slot" and can't both do so at once.



A thought for your consideration: It may be useful to add a line to the Tips & Notes to the "Change Unit" explaining this point. There seems to be space.


Done! It may take a few hours before it's live at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/kl/Change/tips-and-notes .

Thanks for the suggestion!

If you have suggestions for improving the wording, feel free to tell us.


Furthermore, -qa' already contains the idea of start again. Another translation of -qa' is resume. jIDoy'qa' I resume being tired.

If you want the resumption of tiredness to take some time, i.e., I started to tire again, but I'm not gone getting tired, you can use the continuous suffix. jIDoy'qa'taH I continuously resume being tired.

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