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  5. "Nous sommes seules."

"Nous sommes seules."

Translation:We are alone.

April 22, 2018



With no context provided, is it possible that this sentence be translated, "We are lonely..."?


yes, we are alone, lonely or single

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Does seules mean both alone or lonely?



Leave me alone --- Laisse-moi seul

I feel lonely --- je me sens seul

Just notice the word ''seul'' is an adjective, so it takes an -e when describing a feminine noun, and a -s when describing a plural noun.

seul (singular, masculine)

seule (singular, feminine)

seuls (plural, masculine)

seules (plural, feminine)

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Thank you. Does one have to use context to deduce whether the meaning is alone or lonely? The two words certainly don't carry the same meaning in English.


Yes, the rest of the sentence usually says it all.

For example:

I want to be alone (not to be lonely)

He eats alone (with lonely, it doesn't make sense)

A lonely man eats at the restaurant (an alone man doesn't make sense)


I though that if the gender of a plural (such as 'We') was uncertain), it was assumed to be masculine? If so, why is it "Nous sommes seules" instead of "Nous sommes seuls"?


Because the original sentence was deliberately written in the feminine, as when 2 or more women are referred to.


How to know when seules refers to "alone" or "on our own"? Sometimes it also means by themselves as in: Les enfants mangent du pain seules. How to figure out what it means?

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