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  5. "The boys eat rice."

"The boys eat rice."

Translation:Les garçons mangent du riz.

April 22, 2018



What does "du" mean here?


It means an unspecified amount of rice.

Nouns in French need a determiner. The "du" here is a determiner called a "partitive article", used for uncountable things that have a masculine gender. This article does not exist in English, but is required in French. Because nouns need a determiner.


Why is it mangent rather than mange


Because the subject is plural. (and in third person)

  • le garçon mange → il mange (singular)
  • les garçons mangent → ils mangent (plural)


Why du and not de? Why not du le riz?


Since "du" is de + le, "du le" is never correct.

The partitive articles in French are used for unspecified amount of objects.

  • du = masculine - "du riz"
  • de la = feminine - "de la salade"
  • de l' -- in front of a vowel or mute H -- "de l'huile"
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