"How not to fall in love with her?"

Translation:Comment ne pas tomber amoureux d'elle ?

April 22, 2018

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So when negating an infinitive, the ne pas comes first, rather than around it?


the "amoureux" refers to the speaker, does it not? why doesn't it take "amoureuse" as an option? (isn't this just because the writer is assuming the speaker is masculine?)


You are right, and you could even use "amoureuses" in plural, since there is no subject in the sentence. It's fixed now, thanks.


But if you have have more than one "amoureuses" you should start to ask yourself some questions xD


could you use "avec" elle ?


The only preposition you can use is "de".


Thanks sitesurf, I had not come across that rule before, useful to know


Why is it not "Comment ne tombe pas amoureux d'elle ?


"To fall" is in the infinitive and the French translation will also be in the infinitive: ne pas tomber.

When the verb is in the infinitive, the two negative words are grouped and placed before the verb.


Can you explain why "Tomber" is in the infinative here because I thought that the first verb in a sentence was always conjugated. I understand the command side of "ne pas" - "do not" but I don't think this is a command. Is "Comment ne pas" a common sentence structure for telling someone that they are doing or have done something wrong. Very confusing sentence.


A verb is in the infinitive when it does not have a subject. There is no subject in this sentence, otherwise, "tomber" would be conjugated, as in "comment je suis tombé...".


Superb, it's so easy when explained, thanks for helping, as always.

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