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Where does French-speaking people live, besides France?

Does anyone know where all French-speaking people live?(Besides France) I am looking for French-speaking areas where I can be a missionary or use my scientific knowledge to build wells and stuff for French-speaking people in poverty would need. Thank you for your help! Much appreciated!!

April 22, 2018



Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg are three of the most popular places for people. However, since you said you wanted to be a missionary, I would try some African countries. Here are two a Wikipedia articles listing countries with French as an official language and geographical distribution of French-speaking people: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_territorial_entities_where_French_is_an_official_language and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geographical_distribution_of_French_speakers

Canada is also a country with French as an official language. However, it doesn't need much missionary work, like the three countries first listed.


Thank you so much!!!


No problem! :-)

  • Canada

  • Belgium

  • Switzerland

  • Many African countries

  • French Polynesia

  • Some Caribbean nations

Full list of countries where French is an official langauge: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_territorial_entities_where_French_is_an_official_language

List that includes places where French is spoken but it's not the official language: http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/countries_by_languages.htm


All over the world you will find French speakers. I'd suggest looking up member states of La Francophonie.


I think others have largely covered countries where it enjoys official status. I live in Quebec (Canada) and speak it basically every day, even though my husband and I communicate in English. (He is French.) Along with English and Spanish, it's immensely useful in a lot of places in the world.


That is pretty cool!!


France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic (don’t go there), DROC, ROC, Gabon, Cameroon, Canada, Benin, Guinea, Algeria, etc.


just remembered Haiti and St. Martin (St Martin is east of Puerto Rico).


Ivory Coast, Martinique, and some parts of West Africa that I know off hand.


French Guiana, South America. In the U.S. perhaps Louisiana swamp areas.


OK in La Louisiane there are St. Charles Parish and Avoyelles Parish.


Nearly half of African countries are French-speaking. In fact, there are more French-speakers in Africa than anywhere else. Depending on level of comfort, I would suggest Gabon or Cote d'Ivoire over difficult environments like the Congo or Chad.


Haiti, in the Carribean, speaks lots of French. I was a missionary and lived there for over ten years. I learned to speak Creole which is the language that they speak casually, but French is the proper language. Most textbooks and Bibles are written in French. Almost every Haitian speaks French and Creole.


Practically everywhere you can find French speaking people, as for countries that have French as a national language (either main or one of many) there are a lot of them most of them are in Africa. France isn't even the largest French speaking country!!! Then you have French speaking territories. There's a lot... this website will help you if your really interested.


If I miss understood the question and your looking for French speaking people in your area... just ask around, someone always knows someone. And if their really is no one around you to help you practice HelloTalk is an amazing app that lets you communicate (by talk or text) to French Natives

Hope this helps!!!


You should check out some places in Africa,one country is Morocco,the second language is french.

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